[THE FACE SHOP] CC Cooling Cushion 3 Color 

[SPF42/PA+++] 15g - BEST Korea Cosmetic [MAKE UP]


1. Moisturizing cream contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients to hydrate dry skin.
2. Makes skin moist and clear without failing.
3. The cushion containing the sap of the birch tree calms the skin that is irritated with heat.
4. Formulated with flower water that's blended with 4 kinds of flowers to balance the oil content of the skin.
5. Moisturizing ingredient will relieve the dryness of the skin and give you a
cooling sensation every time you apply the cusion.


How to use
1. Take the contents onto the puff, apply along the skin texture, and tap it lightly.
2. Apply once more to areas where coverage is insufficient.
3.Ingredients Apply to the last step of skincare or use for makeup fix purposes.
4. Contains a lot of moisture cream ingredients, so even if the skin care ingredients remain,
it is absorbed well and is fit naturally.