THE YEON No Smudge C-Curl Mascara [Black] 0.9ml


1. Feather brush minimizes clumping by carefully curling the eyelash root!
2. Applies light and with out clumping to give natural lash feels.
3. A delicate feather brush with soft curves keeps eyelash curves by densely pulling eyelashes.
4. Daily Proof, that does not smear all day.

Color Option


How to use
* A dense face
Curl up by brushing with the dense brush side

*B Curved face
Dramatic long lash feel by adding with waved brush

1. After the mascara, curl from the root of the lashes to the end according to the curvature of the eyes by the A side.
2. Touch the tip of the eyelash and the under eyelash with the B-side to create longer, uncluttered eyelashes.