BIG SALE - [EYENLIP] Salmon Oil Nutrition Cream 50ml

1. Using salmon oil and 8 kinds of lifting peptide ingredients, it is excellent for dark circles under eyes,
whitening and wrinkles.
2. Salmon oil has fatty acid composition very similar to human skin tissue. It is a human-friendly natural
raw material with excellent for skin disease, immunity control, and skin restoring power.
3. Salmon oil, ceramide, acetyl hexapeptide-8, allantoin, etc. Contains various natural extracts showing
excellent efficacy in skin care.
4. Salmon Oil Nutrition Cream contains niacinamide to help skin whitening and adenosine to help
wrinkles. Through consistent management, it helps to whiten the body.


How to use
1. Cleanse and neatly arrange.
2. Go through with the base skin care.
3. Apply to Face, Neck, and any where else you want to improve on your body.