SEANTREE New Steam Cream Special 3 Set


1. High moisture steam cream that emulsifies water base and oil base with 100 degree high temperature steam to coat skin surface.
2. It emulsifies the water base and oil base with high temperature steam and it is coated on the surface of the skin to hold the oil tightly in the skin so that the water does not evaporate.
3. Shea butter and vegetable based oil ingredients thats been melted by real steam, coats the skin for a long period time to create soft and healthy skin.
4. Argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and other vegetable oils form a protective barrier to the skin, preventing moisture loss and providing a longer lasting skin.
5. Shea Butter, rich in Vitamin C, Iron, Protein, Calcium and Minerals, has a great moisturizing effect even in small amounts.

35g * 3ea

How to use
Apply on face and dry area, gently spread on appropriate amount, then tap and absorb.