[LANEIGE] Water Bank Moisture Cream Set


-Cream Perfect componet structure for moisturizing, Moisture biogene that re-fills moisture with mini-hyaluronic acid and air-wetting formular. Rich cream typed texture that is suitable for dry skin and dry weather. -Skin Translucent concentrated formula moisturizes dry skin instantly. Hydro ion mineral water hydrates skin effectively. Biosaccharide gum has attraction for moisture and keeps skin moist for a long time. -Emulsion Light weight emulsion with purifying and hydro balancing care for fresh and clear skin. -Eye Gel EX An eye care product that retains moisture for the dry eye area for 24 hours for supple, revitalized eyes. Cool moisture and non-sticky formula of this gel type eyecream moisturize the eye area and relieves puffiness. Contains calendula extracts that have been used to healskin infections and relieve irritation for supple relief of sensitive eye area. Contains ginkgo leaf extracts that promote blood circulationand prevent damage caused by free radicals in cells toreduce dark circles and to revitalize the eye area.

50ml * 1
15ml * 2 3ml * 1

How to use
-Cream Gently spread from center of the face outward after serum morning and evening. -Skin 1. Dispense appropriate amount onto a cotton pad after cleansing every morning and evening. 2. Gently apply as lightly wiping out from inside to outside. -Emulsion 1. Dispense an appropriate amount after using skin refiner every morning and evening. 2. Gently apply by lightly wiping out from inside to outside. -Eye Gel EX 1. After applying essencce and before applying crea, usean amount of about 0.07ml(0.5cm in diameter). 2. Gently pat around the eye.