[DEAR KLAIRS] Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil 150ml


Black Bean controls sebum production, increases the skin’s elasticity,
and provides a soothing effect.
Black Sesame Oil prevents dehydration and skin aging while providing
powerful effects from antioxidant through various useful components
such as Beta-carotene, Rinolenic acid, Sesamin, Sesaminol and Tocopherol.
Black Currant Seed Oil strengthens the skin's protective layer to prevent
the evaporation of moisture from the skin. It promotes skin cell regeneration
and provides antioxidant effects by containing various minerals.


How to use
Pump 2-3 pumps of the Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil into dry hands and
gently massage over dry face in circular motions starting from the forehead,
nose, and then cheeks. After massaging for 2 mins, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.