[ETUDE HOUSE] Double Lasting Cushion Glow (SPF50+/PA+++) 15g 5 Types


UV protection functional cosmetics
A cushion that adheres thinly to the skin and creates a radiant, radiant skin.

-Thin and delicate as if dyed
It is expressed in a color that is in harmony with the skin as it is thin and delicately adhered to the skin.
Since it is expressed without clumping even if it is applied over skin makeup,
it can add coverage without feeling stuffy, and it is also good to use it when making a correction.

-Luminous, radiant skin
The refreshing watery texture fills the skin with vitality and radiance the moment it is applied.
Moisturized skin glows smooth and bright, and as time passes, it is expressed with a healthy glow.

-As it is the first make-up, strong lasting
Double Fix System is applied to fix the first make-up firmly,
and it keeps the make-up consistent even after a long time.

Type Option
#21C1 Petal
#21N1 Neutral Beige
#21W1 Beige
#23N1 Sand


How to use
Take an appropriate amount of the contents on the puff,
spread it thinly on the face, and tap it lightly along the skin texture to adhere.