"[Bergamo]Essential Intensive Eye Cream 100g 7 Type


An eye cream that provides nutrition and elasticity at the same time
with natural ingredients
#Hyaluronic Acid
Water molecule hyaluronic acid that attracts water 1000 times its own weight
An eye cream that strengthens the triple skin barrier with
snake venom ingredients
A high-content eye cream that solves wrinkles from wrinkle
improvement to vitality at once.
Centella asiatica extract eye cream to comfortably heal sensitive skin
Protein-rich caviar provides nutrition as well as oil-moisture balance
An eye cream that delivers the nutrition of collagen as it is

Color Option
#Snail ( EXP : 2024.12.07 )
#Hyaluronic Acid ( EXP : 2024.08.22 )
#Vitamin ( EXP : 2024.12.02 )
#Cica ( EXP : 2024.12.20 )
#Collagen ( EXP : 2024.12.21 )


How to use
Gently apply an appropriate amount on the face
and neck as final skin care