[INNISFREE] Airy Matte Tint 10 Colors 3.8g


An ultra-light texture like your own lips combined with MLBB colors!
Snappy colors that brighten up the entire complexion make every moment bright and refreshing.
The Airy powder fits lightly onto lips like air to create my lip-alike matte lip makeup.
It's soft powder gel texture with moisture allows thin application, as if nothing is applied,
expressing lightweight matte lip okay to be worn inside the mask or in hot weather.

Color Option
#01 Magenta Mauve
#02 Soft Rose
#03 Rosy Pink
#04 Apple Red
#05 Redish Pink
#06 Mood Orange
#07 True Orange
#08 Toasty Coral
#09 Mocca Chilli
#10 Rose Berry


How to use
Take an appropriate amount and apply softly on the lips.
Use a brush or finger to blend the colors for matte lips with a blurred-effect.