[ETUDE HOUSE] Color My Brows 4.5g 5 Color


Coloring mascara for eyebrow that expresses three-dimensional eyebrows with natural color.

Color Option
#1 Rich Brown - For dark hair in black and dark brown colors.
#2 Light Brown - For light hair with blondie light brown color.
#3 Red Brown - Wine, red brown color for red hair. ( EXP : 2024.08.11 )
#4 Natural Brown - For light hair with natural brown color.
#5 Blondie Brown - For very light hair in gold, blondie color.


How to use
1. Stand up with a brush and apply color from the top of the eyebrow to about 1cm in the front of the bangs by lightly touching in the opposite direction of the grain.
2. From the front of the eyebrow to the tail, gently comb it again along the eyebrow texture to tidy it up.
At this time, the bangs of the eyebrows should be raised upwards.