[G9SKIN] White In Milk Toner 300ml / Whitening


1. 4 Ways large size milky toner which could be used as first step of skin care and make up.
2. Whitening / Wrinkle improvement multi functional cosmetic product.
3. Rapid moisture charge on drying skin after facial wash.
4. Light and quick absorption, Strong moisture supplement and nutritionization as good as essence.
5. Reduce morning preparation time, get more tight skin!
6. Balances moisture level, arranges dead skin cells and wastes, also has makeup booster effect which
helps facial makeup to land better on skin.
7. Milk protein extract and Glutathione which is specialized in skin whitening and nutrition supply +
wrinkle improvement effective ingredients gathered together and completes innocent milky skin.
8. 300ml large storage needless of being thrifty which even has cost-effectiveness.
9. No Paraben and Phenoxyethanol contained nice toner which thinks of skin.


How to use
1. Put suitable amount on cotton or hand and spread gently.
2. It is much better to put cotton wet with toner on dry parts and stay awhile.