Shipping policy

    • Air Mail (Standard Delivery)

    • -Deliver through Korea Post Office
    • -Take 20 – 40 working days
    • -No tracking number
    • -Weight limit 2 kg
      *Fill the basket up to 1780g (because it doesn’t include any packing)*
    • K-Packet (Standard Delivery)

    • -Deliver through Korea Post Office
    • -Take 15 – 40 working days
    • -Include Tracking number *
    • -Weight limit 2 kg
      *Fill the basket up to 1780g (because it doesn’t include any packing)*
    • -Faster than Air Mail
    • EMS (Express Delivery)

    • -Deliver through Korea Post Office
    • -Take 5 – 15 working days
    • -Include Tracking number *
    • -Weight limit 30 kg(or 20 kg for some countries), can divide in case of over limitation into two parcel
      (send second parcel with little term about 3 working days)
    • -Fast and safe delivery
    • -Can be fined extra duty following regulation or region
    • DHL (Express Delivery)

    • -Take 5 – 6 working days
    • -Include Tracking number *
    • -Weight limit 30 kg
    • -Fast and safe delivery
    • -Free upgrade for these countries if the shipping is EMS

      Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

      *Leave a shipping comment if you want other shipping carrier.

  • 1. To check shipping cost

  • Shipping cost is calculated by total weight of your order.
    You’ll see shipping method options on check out page and each options will show you the price.
  • Please be sure of selecting a country on Shipping information part to see the price.

  • 2. To check detailed information of each shipping method, please click here.

      • 3. ($)0 for shipping cost

      • If your shipping charge shows up as , It is because total weight of your order is over 30Kg.
        Please separate your order and try again.

          • 4. Shippable countries of each shipping companies.

          • County Air Mail K-Packet EMS DHL
            Albania O O O X
            Algeria O O X X
            Andorra X X X O
            Argentina O O O X
            Armenia X X X O
            Australia O O O O
            Austria O O O O
            Azerbaizan O O O O
            Bahrain O O O X
            Belarus O O O X
            Belgium O O O O
            Bhutan O O O O
            Bolivia O O X X
            Bosnia and Herzegovina O O X X
            Brunei Darussalam O O X O
            Bulgaria O O O O
            Cambodia O O O O
            Canada O O O O
            Canary Islands X X X O
            Chile O O O X
            China O O X X
            Colombia O O X O
            Costa Rica O O O O
            Croatia O O O O
            Cyprus O O O O
            Czech REP O O O O
            Denmark O O O O
            Ecuador O O O O
            Egypt O O X X
            El Salvador O O X O
            Estonia O O O O
            Finland O O O O
            France O O O O
            French Guiana O O X X
            Georgia X X X O
            Germany O O O O
            Greece O O O O
            Honduras O O X X
            Hong Kong O O O O
            Hungary O O O O
            Iceland O O X O
            India O O O X
            Iran O O O O
            Ireland O O O O
            Israel O O O O
            Italy O O X X
            Japan O O O X
            Jordan O O O O
            Kazakhstan O O O X
            Kenya O O X X
            Korea Korean local shipping company(Logen)
            Kuwait O O X O
            Lao People's Demrep O O X X
            Latvia O O O O
            Lebanon O O X X
            Lithuania O O X O
            Luxembourg O O X O
            Macao O O O X
            Malaysia O O O O
            Mexico O O O X
            Moldova O O X O
            Morocco O O X O
            Myanmar O O O O
            Netherlands O O O O
            New Zealand O O O O
            Norway O O O O
            Nicaragua O O X O
            Oman O O O X
            Pakistan O O O O
            Peru O O O X
            Philippins O O O O
            Poland O O O O
            Portugal O O O O
            Puerto Rico O X X O
            Qatar O O O O
            Reunion O O X X
            Romania O O O O
            Russian Federation O O O X
            Saudi Arabia O O O O
            Serbia X X X O
            Singapore O O O O
            Slovakia O O O O
            Slovenia O O O O
            South Africa O O X O
            Spain O O O X
            Sri Lanka O O O O
            Sweden O O O O
            Switzerland O O O O
            Taiwan O O O O
            Tajikistan O O X X
            Thailand O O O O
            Turkey O O O X
            Ukraine O O O X
            United Arab Emirates O O O O
            United Kingdom O O O O
            Uruguay O O X X
            USA O O O O
            Uzbekistan O O O X
            Venezuela O O X X
            Viet Nam O O O X
            Zimbabwe X X X O