How to Join
Click on the Join link. By completing the membership subscription form, agreeing to the Privacy Policy and User Agreement, the newly joined member can immediately benefit from offered services such as rewards and discounts. Also, members will not be required to re-enter their shipping or billing address every time an order is placed as well as be eligible to participate in various events and promotions.
How to order

How to place an order:

Step 1: Browse or search for items

Step 2: Select desired color, quantity, etc

Step 3: Add to cart

Step 4: Proceed to Checkout

Step 5: Log in or Purchase as a Non-Member

Step 6: Fill in the order form

Step 7: Proceed with Payment

Step 8: You have successfully placed an order when you see a “Thank You” message along with your order number.


The following payment method is available:

[Paypal] : Payment through Paypal account or credit cards

Paypal does not require an account with them in order to use their services for credit card payments  

[Eximbay] : Card payment platform

  • Shipping Method : Selected by customer
  • Shipping Area : World wide
  • Shipping Rate : Selected by customer
  • Delivery Time : 15 - 40 days

  • Dear customers, 

    There had been a major shipping price and method adjustments in shipping industries of Korea, so we have listed below a new shipping policies and information that you, as our customer, need to be aware of.

    Korea Post

    Tracking - No

    Weight restriction- up to 2kg

    Delivery time- Up to 20-40 business days


    Tracking - Yes

    Weight restriction- up to 2kg

    Delivery time- up to 10-20 business days


    Tracking - Yes

    Weight restriction- up to 30kg

    Delivery time- up to 3-14 business days

    ***EMS unavailable to following countries

    (African Continent, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Moldova, Italy, Bolivia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Tajikistan etc)  

    If  you have any other questions, please let us know. 

    Best Regards,

Returns & Exchanges


Requests for exchanges and refunds are only accepted if they are made within 50 business days from shipment date of the product via our CS email, We will be responsible for refunds due to misdelivered and/or defective products and will place highest importance to process these requests as soon as possible.

(Please note that refund can be made partially depending on condition of defective products and this will be decided by BeautynetKorea.)

The amount of Refund is returned to the balance of the payment method or to store credit.

When exchange requested items are out of stock or discontinued, It can be handled in refund.


1. Requirements for exchange/refunds

Every request for exchange or refund should be contacted to our CS email and request must contain

Ⅰ Detail pictures of items

Ⅱ Pictures of all shipment label that are attached on the parcel

Ⅲ Exact order number

Ⅳ Exact title of the item that you’re requesting for exchange or refund

And your request can be declined when it doesn’t fulfill above condition.

2. Please take into consideration that Beautynetkorea accepts

• Eligible for a Refund in the case that:

  - Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of payment

  - If your order remains [Preparing Products] status for 10 days or longer from the date of payment without any prior notification from our customer service, you can cancel your order via our CS email,

  - Product is misdelivered

* Refunds for the cases stated above are only accepted on the condition that labels and tags are intact and the products have not been use.

 * You must return the free gift in its original condition along with your returning item in order to receive the refund.


• Ineligible for a Refund in the case that:

  - Customer requests a refund due to change of mind (size, color, etc.)

  - Customer requests to cancel the whole order which contains out of stock products

  - Customer requests a refund for damaged or deformed products due to the customer’s responsibility

  - Customer requests a refund for products that have no tags or labels

3. Refund for failed delivery

In the case that delivery is failed with reasons beyond BeautynetKorea’s responsibility, Refund for the failed delivery parcel will be made when BeautynetKorea receive the parcel back. To deduct return shipping cost, original shipping cost for the order will not be returned to buyer.

This will be adopted in such cases

Ⅰ Unknown : Wrong recipient’s information from a buyer

Ⅱ Moved : Wrong address from a buyer or Buyer moved after making an order without updating address when making an order

Ⅲ Absence : Buyer was not able to receive delivery because of absence

Ⅳ Refused : Buyer refused to receive the parcel

Ⅴ Unclaimed : Buyer didn’t go through Customs procedure

Period of Pending Credit
Credits issued from an order will be added to your account 20 days after the status of delivery is changed to “Delivered”.

For 20 days you will see your credits pending in the case of cancelled or returned orders.

Credits (Total Credits minus Used Credits minus Pending Credits) can be applied to any order.

Refund will be issued as same as you paid with.

  eg. Credit will be refunded as credit, cash will be refunded as cash.

Terms of Ineffective Credits
Pending credits will be automatically cancelled upon cancelation or returns.
Credits can not be claimed once your membership has been withdrawn.

All unused credits will expire after 3 years.


Q.How to use credit?

A.To use your credit, when you place an order, there will be "Store Credit Use of Mileage"

Q.When can I get my credit ?

A. 7 days after shipment, the status of the delivery is automatically changed to " Delivered ".

It is necessary procedure to give our customers mileage points in a timely manner.

Q. I have 3 credits in my account, how can I use them ?

A.More than 10 credits, being possible to use as cash